Friday, December 31, 2010

Two O Eleven

Dear Friendly Fiends, Flimsy Friends and other Fundu Folks, (You are allowed to mix and match if you no like. Heh Heh. :-)) 

Wish you a meaningfully hyperactive, happy, healthy and peaceful new year 2011!  

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Here's perhaps my best ever (borrowed & shared) gift to all of you - A rare, profound and yet entertaining article.  (I'd earlier written a post on this article but I want to make sure that those who did not read the previous post discover the article at least now!)

PS: Read One. Read All. Read or Perish. If there's one thing you must read immediately after you are born, then it is this article. Read it to your children, dog, cat and neighborhood crow etc. Read it again and again. R.E.A.D it.

PPS: Sing with me. 

Two Thousand Eleven is Heaven. 
Tra la la. La la la. Boom Boom. (Chorus)
Let's learn to wake up before Seven. 
Tra la la. La la la. Boom Boom. (Chorus)
Let's be labeled odd rather than want to get even. 
Tra la la. La la la. Boom Boom. (Chorus)

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