Thursday, December 16, 2010


Why you should not assume someone is lucky or declare to someone he is lucky!

1) Luck is, most of the time, a consequence of hard work and effort or a good/thoughtful decision and the person hearing it is not going to like it if the situation he is in is attributed to just coincidence (which is what luck mostly means)

2) Calling someone lucky typically, err, hints at jealousy (even if just a little) whether we like it or not. Or like one of my friends said, it means you probably don't deserve what you got!

3) You may be commenting on one particular aspect of his life but there may be a lot of other problems in his life that may not even be compensated for by this apparent "stroke of luck"

4) There are so many better ways of responding when someone is going through a nice phase or a good thing has happened to them - You can say "That is great!", "This is cool!", "Happy for you!" or even "You are blessed" etc but of course you must mean it. ;-)


Caveman said...

My dad's name is Lucky and he's the most God damn lucky guy in the world... how 'bout that?

Nimmy said...

Awww. This comment was in my SPAM folder, believe it or not. I just happened to be looking it (the SPAM folder) up to ensure I'd not lost an email I was expecting and spotted your comment apart from a few other comments! :-(

Now, coming to your actual comment....aaah....hmm....I guess he is lucky coz he has you for a son, eh? 8-) Mwahahaaa! OK. I get it. Amen. :-)