Thursday, December 09, 2010

Corruption as Usual

What's new? - India is at it, as usual. Sigh.

When I come across people who continuously complain, criticize, comment, and consider things like corruption (especially in politics), I feel a tinge of guilt because I myself rarely focus on such aspects of life. But, to my credit, I have at least wondered if my, well, indifference is a good thing.  I shouldn't perhaps call it complete indifference because it does make me feel sad, angry and annoyed when it stares me in the face. But I never find myself craving to study or aggressively studying the situation, reading press articles, watching interviews, reports etc to understand the intricacies of the scam or the complaint as the case may be. (Maybe I'm too result-oriented and perhaps averse to being affected by negative news in the case of areas outside my control)

I think there are many ways in which one can react or respond to problems in the world of politics (which is, according to many, one of the most abused occupations/services ever). 

1. Ignore most of it and go about our regular work in a sincere manner, knowing (or assuming) that we cannot change things (or even get to the full truth!) but can, instead, make a difference to what is under our own control - our own life. (Note: I think all this talk about voting for the right person or party is a farce because you will find only one honest and sincere politician amongst many thousands and that person is either crushed into inaction by the system or widely recognized for being different and therefore known to even those who do not 'follow' politics)

2. Complain about it or criticize everyone involved till the next scam surfaces or something else distracts them and, well, waste a lot of energy accomplishing, arguably, nothing much except creating temporary unrest and angst amongst the members of the circles we move in

3. Comment on it in an informed and intelligent manner (based on extensive and reliable research) and influence people (preferably those who can pull some strings and change things or those who might have an indirect impact on the situation if not a direct one) to think about potential solutions 

4. Comment on it armed with half-baked ideas, incomplete information and declare things based on a highly biased and subjective analysis and pretty much add to the confusion and chaos around us 

5. Comment on it in a humorous (and hopefully sensitive) manner and get a few people to see the funny side of the whole thing and laugh even as they suffer the implications (it's only those who understand the situation who will also be able to fully relate to the humor and therefore enjoy it) 

6. Consider it seriously from various angles (a bit of type 3.) and actually act on it with the intention of changing things for the better - either by joining politics and bravely taking corruption head-on or, for that matter, creating an informal community that passionately finds solutions and implements them

It's anybody's guess under which category most of the population falls. Having said that, I am not proposing that everyone must fall into a particular category. After all, it is society's mixed reaction and response that will hopefully add up to prevent corrupt elements from surviving and succeeding. I rest my case.


Caveman said...

interesting perspective, jerry's ma :)

Nimmy said...

Look who is here! :-) Hey Fella. Howz things with ya and Zara?

Srikumar K said...

Corruption will eat everything resulting in a failed country. It is not to be taken lightly. Those who blow the whistle are undoubtedly great because they are doing it at the risk of being pushed out of the growth ladder.

Lakshman Pillai said...

Good one! More and more people are getting corrupt in different form & magnitude. Things will not change until the people in the middle and lower class start feeling the PAIN painfully!

I do not wish for the bad thing. But if this PAIN comes fast into our daily lives then the change will start to happen even faster.

Some are trapped in knowledge and knowledge are trapped in ignorance. We are in the state of coma - either in the comfort zone or in the drunken zone!

Srikumar K said...

A government functions best with a lot of checks and balances. People who react, whatever manner, do a lot of service.

pramod said...

hilarious way of penning down. great write up.

Nimmy said...

Sorry folks! All these comments were in the SPAM folder for some reason. Luckily, I just discovered and recovered them. Hope I have not sacrificed any more comments to the SPAM folder. Thanks for your wonderful comments and perspectives!

SK: I like that statement on checks and balances. Rings true!

Thanks Pramod and Lakshman!