Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tranquility Doesn't Exist

Have you ever felt that the need for tranquility - in today's world - is actually more than the need for happiness? Happiness is indeed within and can be tapped into by doing and thinking the "right" things. Isn't tranquility, on the other hand, based on what's happening "outside" even as you happen to be looking inward?

A pond that's left to its natural state deals with its moss, sharks, weeds, reflections, and what not. It can remain happy AND tranquil despite the weeds, the mud underneath and its other natural challenges. But what happens when there are external disturbances like someone throwing a stone and causing unnecessary interruptions (the ripples and the noise)? It can still choose to be happy and find happiness within but there is no denying the fact that - in reality - there is no tranquility. Happiness is possible but Tranquility seems like an unachievable goal.....even worse, happiness that is achieved without tranquility in the outside world almost seems artificial. Frightening. 

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Srikumar K said...

Man is a gregarious animal. But unlike other gregarious animals different people have different wavelengths at present. It was not so in the beginning of civilization. At that time man lived in sects. The individuals of each sect had the same wavelength. Earlier there were temple cities like Trichy, Madurai etc. which were in between. Nowadays city life is at its peak. Tranquility is the last thing you can get. Nobody can help it.

Nimmy said...

Thanks, Srikumar. I have a few friends who think tranquility can be 'found' through meditation etc. I can relate to that but I still wonder if that is artificial. Happiness can be real. But isn't tranquility a function of what is happening around us?