Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Real Jungle in a Concrete Jungle

It's amusing how most of us crave to live in a world different from the one that we actually happen to live in. I don't mean this in the literal sense but in the metaphorical sense. We'd love to escape the traffic jam we encounter every day, we'd love to experience silence and nature amidst the chaos at work, we'd love to run away from meaningless deadlines, the last-minute rush to finish something, mind-boggling tax-forms, lengthy procedures, office politics, annoying misunderstandings and what not! I'd bet that this dream of leading a different life remains just a dream for most people. We continue to chase routine like our lives depended on it and remain in the rut unable to take any physical action to exit the dangerous whirlpool of "civilized" and "modern" life. Some of us are lucky in the sense that we still manage to steal a few moments away from the daily despair and let our minds wander into something far away from it. I am not talking about day-dreaming but something on the lines below: Check out this view from the coffee place in my office.

What a riot! Bang in the middle of the city. Bang in the middle of one of Bangalore's busiest areas but difficult to recognize unless someone tells you! A sea of coconut trees and home to many local birds. Now, take a closer look.

According to me, the bloke who lives in that small house on the terrace of that 6-7 storey building in that somewhat large piece of coconut-tree filled land is one of the most fortunate blokes in Bangalore. I am almost sure the person who stays there is the security guard-watchman of the campus. What a view he'd have provided he doesn't always get distracted by thoughts of thieves! He is bound to have a wonderful breeze all day and night, spot flocks of birds flying overhead, and catch the twinkling skyline of the city at night if he wants a concrete (pun intended) change! He or at least his family would have their quiet moments and enjoy this "real" jungle in the middle of a concrete jungle! Believe me, if you take a look at the beautiful campus roads below, you'd understand what a perfect place this would be for early morning and evening walks! And, btw, the nearest building to this one, in the same campus, happens to be a library! That's the icing on the cake for you! :-)

OK...I think I'll leave you with this for now and see if I can catch more moments focused on this place when I take my tea and water breaks. Yow.


Yayaver said...

Nimmy, The grass is greener always on the other side.. still living as Henry David Thoreau is diffcult for a family man. Hoping to have such job till I am bachelor one day :)

Nimmy said...

That was an instant response to my post! :-) Yes...the grass is always greener on the other side. So are the trees...! :-) Ha ha.

Yayaver said...

Nimmy, some blogs are worth keeping on the must read blog roll.. this is among them. Hence instant reply for any post which I can grasp with my little brain.

Nimmy said...

Thanks a million, Yayaver. That comment of yours means a lot to me! :-)

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Unlimited wishes And concrete jungle all around.
Unlimited wishes and fleet of cars.
Unlilmited wishes And chaos at work.
We say we are developing. How ?
Global warming ??? Population ???
Pollution ??? etc. etc.
Past days - The best no matter what the argument is.