Friday, September 18, 2009

One Inspiration to Another. A Full Circle.

OK. I had that rare Twitter moment a while ago. Here it is. [Wondering how more and more Blog moments are now starting off as Twitter moments and then getting converted into the former]

Inspiration > Purpose > Passion > Insight > Vision > Pursuit > Solitude+Community > Hard Work > Creativity > Focus > Change > Inspiration. Full circle.

All we need to do is look for that one special inspiration that lasts a lifetime and gets converted into a strong and invincible purpose, making us passionate and insightful, leading us to a meaningful vision that we want to pursue no matter what while swinging between phases of solitude and amidst an equally passionate community of people and putting in a lot of hard work, being creative and focusing on the journey as if our life depended on it and ultimately ending up with a positive change from which another - new - inspiration is derived.


Yayaver said...

Inspiration should be like renewable energy source, always giving power to us. Inspiration isn't camphour which should sublime away after few days/hours. Patriotism is one of the camphourized emotion celebrated as public holiday on 15th august. But your deductaion is true.. Life completes full circle as inspiration.

Nimmy said...

Thanks Y! I like the way you describe "Inspiration" as a renewable source of energy! That's exactly what I hope for! For inspiration to always be there, be shared, and be multiplied!