Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two sides of the same coin

Heads you are strong, Tails you are stubborn

Heads you are flexible, Tails you are indecisive

Heads you are sweet, Tails you are meek

Heads you are humorous, Tails you are silly

Heads you are a child, Tails you are ignorant

Heads you are enthusiastic, Tails you are not practical

Heads you are thoughtful, Tails you are skeptical

Heads you are a leader, Tails you are dominating

Heads you are you, Tails you are not you

Which side of the coin you see depends on how you toss it

Sometimes it simply depends on whether you toss it or not


Anonymous said...

Head I win, Tail you lose ?

Nimmy said...

H'mm! :-)

bnihal.com said...

Head .......... Best of Luck