Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Bird and the Frog

A very beautiful cage
That promises to protect
Aah, but it feeds on fear and age
The bird inside leads another life. Almost dead
It has all the colours and the feathers to fly
But the wings are anything but spread
The bird sings but a karaoke
The frog laughs with the orchestra
For he [the frog] has the cage's key
He jumps and hops from the rocks
And dives straight into the running water
He cannot sing but he, quite determinedly, croaks


Yayaver said...

why frog are always rude and bird a sweet charming thing??

Nimmy said...

Nah...Nah...! You got me wrong!!! :-) The frog in this poem is not rude...not at all! He just happens to be watching the bird...and "communicating" to his own way! By example...! The bird has all the charm and the power but is locked up! While the frog is ugly and can't sing...but it does what it ought to do...! :-)