Wednesday, October 01, 2008

KM - Competency and Skill

The Context

KM and Identification of Training Needs

How does KM help in Competency and Skill Mapping?

Would KM drive this need or simply enable it? Enabler

Traditionally: The work experience per se, the training plans and programs, the self-learning as well as mentoring programs help develop the competency of the employee. Not so sure what is meant by mapping here. If you’re talking about recognizing someone’s competency and skill levels and keeping track of them in an employee matrix, then I guess this is traditionally put together by the HR team in coordination with the business managers

So, What is KM’s Value-add? KM can bring in the following to contribute to competency and skill development as well as mapping: a) Focus on mentoring using social network analysis b) community-based learning and competency development c)mapping of competency and skill levels using the participation quotient of the employee in KM initiatives like expertise banks, discussion forums, repositories, communities etc. Additionally, Blogs can help the employee reflect and collate his thoughts and establish his competencies in a much more transparent manner.

The Idea: A KM environment promotes competency development programs that leverage on not just formal and external agents but also internal resources on a part time basis. It can help connect people who can learn from each other and of course mentors and mentees. Additionally, a person’s real expertise and knowledge (which is a reflection of the competency) can be gauged by his participation in the collective endeavors that form a part of typical KM systems.

The Details: Culture, Process and Technology: Mentoring, Social networking tools, Blogs and community interaction.

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Jeevan Kamble said...

Here, KM can also act very good report card to know which service lines in organizations have contributed in knowledge building/harvesting. The gap in particular heads would lead to know the pointers of skills/competency to focus more on and where to target. But also it does not mean that if we do not get the contributions than this particular head not up to the competency map. KM certainly would help in creating more visibility to act on future strategy.