Friday, October 03, 2008

Laughing Riot

I watched this 1941 black-n-white movie on TV yesterday and enjoyed it immensely! Makes me smile even now. (I love B&W movies!) I just stopped short of rolling on the floor and laughing at times. At first, it seems like an absolutely lighthearted, silly, slap-stick comedy with no care for logic or maturity. But underneath the veil of comedy, there were a couple of important and not-so-hidden messages for the people of that era (and maybe even for us). A delightful sugar coated pill, in short. Apart from the humor, the content of the messages was another reason why I enjoyed the movie. It appears to be one of the oldest movies celebrating the concept of feminism....or at least equality....and it indirectly celebrates literacy as well. Overall, it was a ridiculous and jolly riot worth every frame.

The hero and his male servant were tremendous with their expressions and the latter's character was that of a typical illiterate and dumb villager who is capable of following orders without any thought whatsoever. The movie has its leading women helping their husbands with their education! :-) I was so kicked about this movie that I decided to check out Wikipedia for information on it and was not disappointed. Wikipedia has everything under the sun! :-) This movie will bring a smile to my face whenever I think of it. Sabash Sabapathy!! :-D

Update: Here's a link to the movie in the IMDB, with a positive review! And I just realized that this is akin to Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster stories except that Bertie has the most intelligent companion in Jeeves.


Anonymous said...

Just happened to read ur blog after browsing through google.
I am truly inspired by your style of writing...u seem to be full of life , seems as if you knw exactly how to lead a passionate and zealous life with ur head very much in place.
Hats off for ur acheivement

Nimmy said...

Hey Anonymous!
:-) You made my day. Your comment made me feel rreeaally good. :-) Thanks a zillion.

To be inspiring is a great joy as far as I am concerned. I know I am not intellectually inspiring (;-))...but it's true that I love life (most of the time!) and it's perhaps just the way I am inspired by life that helps me pass it on to readers....through words. But I would be lying if I say I am never sad or upset. I do have my share of problems and challenges :-).But I think the good thing is that it just takes something as simple as music, nature, art, creativity, or children to make me realize the real worth of life. Touch wood! :-)

Do drop in again...and reveal your identity if you feel like. :)
Take care