Friday, June 20, 2008


Aaaahhh! I said this (ref: first line) a bit too early. The swing has moved again. But this time, it's not "my work". This introspective post is from Jack's blog....I like it and can relate to it quite a lot because I have been working towards overcoming my fear of traffic (India's traffic, I must specify) for the past few weeks. And I must say, I can see quite a lot of improvement only because I first decided to take the plunge and drive through it and subsequently kept at it despite making mistakes. Though Jack mentions only the name of the book and not the author, I was happy with myself for recognizing that it was Eknath's writing immediately after reading through the excerpt in the post. And not the least because Eknath shares a large number of stories that reflect his grandmother's teachings.

PS: I think I'll come back and share some personal thoughts on mistakes in the next post...worth thinking and considering if one wants to improve one's quality of life....and well, there is quite a bit of association between mistakes and knowledge management! :-)

PS2: Just noticed that Bill has also linked to Jack's post and added something really awesome to it - about developing the habit of learning something new and not being ashamed of ignorance if one intends to get rid of it. Go read this one as well! :-)

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