Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I thought I thaw a cockroath!!

Yesterday morning, I woke up to see a dying cockroach (on second thoughts, was it just intoxication or perhaps a new form of insect dance?) . (S)he was on her/his back - rotating, partially revolving and generally vibrating in multiple directions at the rate of ~32 shakes per minute. Doesn't sound particularly pleasing, I know....but well, honestly, I have to admit that the sight did make me sigh in relief. Hold on, please, before you report me to the Blue Cross. I have some good reasons why, apart from the fact that I do perhaps tend to talk about such things in a light manner due to my being a cartoon & animation freak.

The aforementioned cockroach had been troubling me quite a bit for some days now. No idea from where (s)he came and no idea how (s)he grew into such Goliath proportions. That reminds me, I need to check my food supplies and maybe my wardrobe supplies as well!! I first spotted him (sorry, don't feel like making life difficult for myself and say him/her every time....let's assume it's a him from now on) on the curtains just behind my iPod dock....and was terrified he may decide to dock himself there forever. Then, I spotted him scampering across the room many a time, running under the bed, dancing around the chair, hiding near the washing bag and so on and forth. The story was, you could say, akin to Looney Tunes' Tweety (the bird) spotting Sylvester (the evil cat) every now and then (the latter intending to gobble up the former on every occasion) and saying "I thought I thaw a Puthy Cath!!". Any more such cockroach spotting and I would have certainly started waking up in the middle of the night to say "I thought I thaw a cockroath!"

Anyway, I am not sure if he (the cockroach, I mean....I have introduced so many characters in here that you may have forgotten the original story and its hero) was trying to explore every bit of my room in order to decide how many of his relatives and friends he could possibly invite into the room. So, after having seen too much of him and feared the growth of his community, I was beginning to hope that I would see the last of him and his long and frantically inquisitive antennae. Which brings me back to the episode yesterday morning. As the cockroach shook from antennae to tail (insect-tail), I looked on, unable to believe what I was seeing (sturdy creatures like cockroaches are not so easily vanquished, you know). It finally dawned upon me that this was a golden opportunity to send him packing. So, I advertised and beckoned to brave family members to help transport the cockroach to the outside world. As one family member who volunteered to do the job, however, took her own sweet time to finish the task at hand and begin the proceedings, I politely informed her that I did not believe that the situation was one wherein she was a doctor and the cockroach a patient that had an appointment with her and would therefore willingly wait till her arrival. She dismissed my wonderful analogy with a wave of the hand and then armed the same hand with a mean-looking broom from somewhere and entered my room, ready for the battle. To her credit, she won the battle but in the process, applied the broom over quite a few things in the room, much to my controlled dismay. As I saw the last portion of the giant cockroach disappear into the world outside, I returned from where I was hiding and went about my routine with a smile and a song on the lips. Though, I did not continue singing through the day as the victory was soon forgotten. But, if destiny had been kinder to me, I believe I would have woken up today and started singing the same or maybe a more melodious song if I'd recalled the fact that there would be no more intrusions from the cockroach. Destiny, however, had other plans. It imitated the recently ousted cockroach's behaviour. Things turned upside down. This is how. When I opened the bathroom door this morning, a cockroach, very similar to the one described above, was menacingly poised near the sink. Needless to say, it will take a while before the situation sinks in. And hey, just a minute, I thought I thaw a cockroath!!.


Anjali said...

So cocroaches too are baby boomers! ;) ROFL

We have 4 human ones in the team, did u hear about that? :)

Nimmy said...

:-) hehehe...the new one seems to be particularly interested in my guitar ;-)
4 ? four??? i thought it was only 2!!!! now, who are the other two???????????????????????????

Alok said...

he he ,,,, but why did I expect this :)


Nimmy said...

:-) you mean you'd expected that I'd see another of the species under question and that it wouldn't be the end of the story as yet, eh? long have you known cockroaches?
;-P...heheeh, just kiddin!!

Anjali said...

Lets learn alphabets....D, G, P, S :)