Friday, June 20, 2008

Changing Gears

I'm going high on humorous posts of late! And, I love it! Especially after the heavy dose of philosophy and idealism over the past few weeks. Akin to changing the blogging gears?! Meanwhile, read about the little brat who wanted to change gears for her father, literally. :-D

A cousin's daughter (3-year old) who is reputed to be capable of destroying galaxies with her fearless retorts and even physical prowess (biting and lashing out at people who got in her way) was home for a day and I nervously kept an eye on the fragile and delicate things in my room lest they be reduced to their atoms. But, very soon, I forgot about preserving my things and started enjoying her antics. She made faces at herself in the mirror, walked in a style that was a strange combination of a gymnast's and a stylish Indian movie hero's, moved with the speed of a cheetah and so on. But what really amused me no end was her dad's narration of something that happened when he was learning to drive. He was apparently having a difficult time trying to coordinate everything amidst the ruthless traffic and our little friend silently observed her dad for a while and then said something that would have never ever occurred to any of us. She looked at him and confidently suggested that he concentrate on just keeping his legs on the pedals (clutch, brake and acc) and holding the steering wheel and that she could take care of changing the gears. After a pause, she went on to assure her dad that she already knew how the gear had to be moved..."Like this and like this, right?"

I rolled around and bumped into a few objects as I laughed. Children....!!!

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