Friday, March 14, 2008

Shake Up & Wake Up

Discovery time. Awesome. Simply awesome.
What? This.

And it comes to me at a time when I have seen quite a few similar (new and not so new) ideas emerging from many other things - books I've been reading, things I've been doing....etc. I am not sure whether this is the famous game that the human subconscious is known to play or just a 'coincidence' or a superior power at work.......but right now, I am not really bothered about getting behind the scene and discovering the hidden mechanisms. Just want to welcome the experience and soak in it.

The two common ideas that have been coming to me from various directions are these. Who knows, you too may need them now....

- Capitalize on your strengths. Do more stuff that leverages on your strengths and makes you feel better. Don't focus too much on your weaknesses. (In case some of you are wondering, this is not really 'running away from things' but 'accepting things'. End of the day, it most certainly is true that we are all naturally good at certain things). Now, I want to add that this is not just something for people who are focusing on their weaknesses more than they should but also for people who are not perhaps capitalizing on their strengths as much as they ought to. (This is an idea that has also come to me from Living the 80/20 Way and Warrior of Light)

- Stop being busy. Haah. Something I had a lot to say about in the recent past. I will not say anymore. The video says it a lot better. (Another thought advocated - directly or indirectly - by both the books I've mentioned above)

And, this is definitely not a replacement for the video, but I just want to list down the eight principles of fun so I can use it for recalling the contents of the video very quickly. And, btw, I think these are not just the eight principles of fun but also of achievement, success and happiness. If there's a single video that I'd have to recommend you to watch to shake up a dull and monotonous life, then this is undoubtedly the video I'd suggest. Here are the principles....

1. Find out who you are. What's your DNA? Know yourself.
2. Find out what's important to you and do that.
3. Stop following the rules.
4. Start scaring yourself.
5. Stop taking it all so damn seriously.
6. Start getting rid of the crap and the clutter.
7. Stop being busy. (Related to #2)
8. Start something. Take action.

Fabulous stuff!! And the genius who created this video also created this other thing that I think is almost equally thought-provoking. Here's to happy shaking-up and waking-up, then! ;-)


brocasarea said...

one more thing-"enjoy each experience ,each day without worrying about the outcome"-Robin Sharma!:)

Bill Field said...

Nimmy- there are 2 or 3 of these items I am focusing on already, when you marry them to the rest of your list, it seems like a clear course for self awareness and development. I thought about you the other night, I was in a room full of thinkers- at my friend Dr. Bruce Mather's 50th Birthday Party, my former boss, Dr. Katherine Golas, is very "Nimmy-like" in her thinking and lust for life- as she and I talked, I thought about many of the things your ideas have spurred me to redeux in my thinking process, and how they can be used in training, Katherine's forte, and I mentioned your blog- She said these practices are truly neccessary to staying relevant to yourself and your callings. Wow. confirmation on something I was already implementing, I'm here in Texas!-- and you, half a world away, are really helping me hone and finetune my 40 yr ol'thinkmuscle!-I'm sure there are many more than I receiving real enlightenment from your blog! Thanks, as usual Nimmy!- Bill

Nimmy said...

You made my day, Bill! :-) Your reiteration always helps me remember and 're-realize' that I am on to something important and nice...that I've grabbed the right ideas and thoughts....! It's a mutual thing, you know! Here's wishing you a wonderful time as you follow your heart....keep in touch! :-)

Nimmy said...

And hey Pratap...thanks so much for that additional point from Sharma!! :-) Indeed....a true technique to enjoy life as it comes to us...:-)