Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Networking the 80/20 Way?

Posted this at Patti's. Occurred to me that I could put it up here as well.....for some insights and responses from you. Especially if you're a good networker. PS: This has become an area that derives questions from me perpetually....the many conversations I've had on this topic don't seem to be really sealing things in my mind.


Hello Patti! :-)

My comment isn't quite relevant to this particular post but a generic one on social networks. I'd love to know your views on what I am about to share with you - I've been reading the book, "Living the 80/20 Way" by Richard Koch. Koch says that we're good at creating strong relationships only with a finite number of people (which maybe something like 10 or so for most of us) and that we ought to focus on spending more time with these top 20% of our friends and relatives for a happier and more fulfilling life. I tend to agree with this view. To be honest with you, I must admit that I am not a natural networker and I tend to keep in touch only with really close people or people who've had a significant impact on me. I find it somewhat draining and tiring to spread my arms and get to know more and more people and then keep in touch with them. Random connections and exchange of ideas are OK at times. (Because) For me, it is not sufficient to just know people - if I really want to keep that connection going, I need to keep in constant touch with them...else the relationship is not a relationship at all. And this is not possible if my network is too large. But I very well understand the importance of networking and knowing more people....for purposes of learning, getting things done etc. Do you think technology can really come to the rescue to help people like me? I do believe that once you become popular and famous, you don't really have to network. People then follow you wherever you go....your network follows you and keeps in touch with you without you having to put in a lot of effort.

Basically, I am thinking aloud and don't even know if I've made myself clear....nevertheless, if you can see through my rambling and share your thoughts and suggestions on this confusing question of mine, I'd be thrilled.

:-) Nimmy


I'll come back and post Patti's response to my 'question' if she decides to take it. :-) Meanwhile, let me know what you think.


brocasarea said...

yeah to some an extent networking is necessary!..but at the same time being successful is also important because no body hears to a unsuccessful person!..personally i feel few intimate friends are better than many close friends!:)

Nimmy said...

thanks for adding your perspective, pratap! :-) i tend to agree with your view though it is sometimes cool to be in a crowd of fun-loving people all of whom you know....:-)

P.S said...

Personally i assume that Social networking is synonymous with that of
Advertising process . As long as you have a need to advertise, you go ahead with networking all along maintaining existing contacts and also delving into new ones.
And as far as the question of fulfilling life comes, i believe as you go on interacting with people, you gradually filter out them and are left with the ones who become a part of your life. Like the adage "Birds of same feathers flock together" :)

Nimmy said...

Hey Prashant....true! I very well agree with you that as life goes on and we keep meeting new people, we 'filter' out those with similar wavelengths and complementary attitudes or whatever you would like to call them...we probably do lose touch with our childhood friends and then find ourselves connecting with some colleagues...or neighbours...etc. I guess the advantage of being open and able to meet new people all the time means you have more options to choose from and you might even end up meeting great people after crossing half your life....
good...thanks for making me think better.....clears a bit of the fog and makes me realize the real-world things....:)