Thursday, March 27, 2008

The King of Music....(and the Queen of Love)

Someone left a comment on my previous post. He said he arrived at my blog by following a link in the Favourite Music section in his Blogger Profile. (Profile tags connect bloggers with the same tastes/interests). BTW, what he followed in this case was Favourite Music - Ilayaraaja....and obviously, I had to be there somewhere in the first few pages. (Meanwhile, I visited his blog and found it to be cool! Loved his post on growing daughters... :D LoL)

And then, I decided to follow suit and check out some more Raaja fans myself. Found many...of course. But I had the time to run through a few and one of bloggers I discovered during the search had a recent post on Raaja which I noticed and read. He has something to say about Raaja's genius. Sigh! I couldn't have put it better. Reading this gave me goosebumps....a great fan of Ilayaraaja that I am.....

"Think of S.D. Burman's incredible capacity for creating melodies, add the musical genius and range of R.D. Burman. Top that off with a knowledge of Indian (Carnatic) classical music that was the envy of professional classical singers, and an understanding of western classical music and orchestration that has invited comparisons with Bach, and you get some idea of where Ilayaraaja stands."

And, on the same blog, I found another post that quite moved me. One on Audrey. Wow. I knew nothing about her other than her lovely performance in Roman Holiday. This post makes me a fan of her personality in real life as well.

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