Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A KMer's Life...

Becoming a KMer - Thinking aloud on how the story unfolds or perhaps should ideally unfold?....

- Understand the KM philosophy, concepts, big picture....the essence of knowledge.... (Core Competence)

- Understand it's association and relationship with the entity where/for which it needs to be leveraged upon - Business (What business, which domain, what stage, what circumstances?), Non-profit, Country, Family, Individual, Other entities/events? (Additional Competence and Application of Competence)

- Understand the various objectives that KM can satisfy in the cumulative context of the previous points and what is required (focus area) therein (What do we want?)

- Understand what comprises knowledge (i.e. what needs to be managed) in the cumulative context of the above-mentioned points. (What are the smallest units that comprises what we want?)

- Understand the dynamics given the above - people, politics, processes, tools, applications, systems, dependencies, thoughts, feelings, ideas, previous attempts at such a thing, inputs from inside and outside, future plans (How will this work? Dos and Donts)

- Plan: Objective - Culture - Method - Approaches - Outcome. Why, Who, What, When, Where, How. (How exactly do we make it happen?)

- Implement - Communication, Processes, Systems, People, Technology, Management (Following it through)

- Check. Change. Accomplish. Publish. Learn. Evolve. Teach. Publish. Learn. Evolve. (We can't stop now!)

What say??? Thank you or Go get some sleep? :-)

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