Friday, March 07, 2008


A few days ago, I rambled about how we (most of us) lead our we cram as much as possible into our lives and run like we are chased by pack of wolves and at the same time pulled by a team of wild horses. (How is that for helping you imagine the speed?) I opined that we'd probably lead fuller lives if we were to take life at a natural pace rather than pretend to be Mike Schumacher all the time (unless we were competing in a F1 race). But I wanted to hear from others on their own experiences as well....

Now, I am not claiming that what I said has a direct connection with the concept of achieving more by doing less. But I believe that digging a bit deeper and examining my subconscious thoughts very much suggests that. Anyways, here's the story that inspired this post. Yesterday, as I read the last page of the book 'Being Digital' by Nicholas Negroponte and subsequently peered into my bookshelf to decide which book to read next, the book I finally ended up opening was not quite what I had in my mind prior to finishing Being Digital. I'd earlier decided to pick up one of 5 books that were extremely beckoning. But I finally ended up pulling out the book "Living the 80/20 way" by Richard Koch. It was only after I flipped through the book did I realize that it had a connection with my recent post on the modern lifestyle. My grip on the book tightened and the corners of my mouth twitched as I began to think that I was being presented with answers to some of the questions I'd posed. I got quite excited about reading the book and am wondering if it'll indeed help me take off from where I left (in my post) and provide me with some valuable food for thought. I'll let you know. And I'll be honest; I'll not claim that the book is just what I needed now in order to defend what seems like terrific intuition at this point of time. :-)

PS: If you happen to have read this book, I guess you might want to say something to clear my mind. :-)


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