Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This guy apparently knew I've a reputation to protect. So, he obligingly posed just as I walked up to his abode....

Isn't he a beauty? :)

PS: Mysore Zoo


Ramanathan Meyappan said...

Photos are good and good. This is Ram here (Mani). I have started blogging again ( Hope to keep going at least from now...


Nimmy said...

hey Mani! :)
What a pleasant surprise! :)
Good to know you are back in the blogosphere...Looking forward to visting your blog from now on then... :)

ericat said...

Man...! I just thought by myself, this person is tired of living. Desturbing a tiger, then I saw the last picture it was in a zoo. Feeling better now. Nice zoo.
My cats are the smaler type. No harm in waking them ;-D
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