Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Just received a link to Guy Kawasaki’s blog from a friend. On skimming through the blog here’s one post I found and wanted to link immediately. Something tells me I’ll find this to be extremely useful when I (finally) do something of my own. :)

Guy advises us on how to prepare a PPT when selling an idea to VCs. 10 slides (containing the information listed below)…20 minutes….and well, large fonts…

1. Problem

2. Your solution

3. Business model

4. Underlying magic/technology

5. Marketing and sales

6. Competition

7. Team

8. Projections and milestones

9. Status and timeline

10. Summary and call to action

Reminds me of something I picked up from a senior. The 20-60-20 PowerPoint rule.

2 slides of introduction to what you do, 6 slides focused on the customer and 2 slides of summary. What?

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