Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Playing the Top Ten Game....Ten Qualities for KM!

If someone were to ask me to name ten important qualities required to be a good KM professional, I’d say...

She needs to…

  1. Believe and practice long-term thinking (KM solutions that assist people who react to a situation or problem are not created on the spot. Someone needs to think of what might happen and be prepared for it)
  2. Have a passion for learning and knowledge (No-brainer)
  3. Have a passion for innovation (No-brainer again)
  4. Believe in collective thinking and collaboration as an important means for innovation (There are people who don’t believe it as well as people who don’t want to believe it)
  5. Have a somewhat process-focused approach at times (Innovation, networking, sense-making, conversations are all good. But knowledge life-cycle ought to be understood as well)
  6. Have patience (When did you start your KM career? How much have you achieved so far? Sorry if this question hurts)
  7. Understand human and organizational behaviour (Individual and group) (Quite important. Especially if you lack patience and want to do something quick. Knowledge of human behaviour can help you be smarter when it comes to getting things done…or influencing people)
  8. Be comfortable talking about abstract things (Please raise your hand if you are someone who can see knowledge)
  9. Be humble and ready to give the credit to the people for whose benefit KM is being practiced (Very difficult….if you’re not here for the love of KM)
  10. Be a good influencer and marketer (No-brainer but of huge significance)

What are your points?

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