Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am back!

I am back! :)

My trip was not perhaps an efficient one in terms of reading (number of books/articles I ended up reading), but it was an 'effective' one in terms of introspection, ideas, bird-watching and popularity amongst all the kids in the extended family. :D.

Will be posting something on KM, uploading some nice photographs etc as soon as I sort of settle down.... :)


vinod said...

Welcome back and Jus uploaded some photos in my Flick r, drop by if you are interested in ....and try to WIN a dollar for the GUESS WAT series, I have my FLICKR. Wondering wer to find my Flickr account, then drop in to my BLOG u can find it in the sides !!!

Nimmy said...

Thanks Vinod...will peek into your photo-set soon!