Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Thinking Cycle - A Paradox

Read a fascinating article where the author (HBR again) analyses the evolution of the Utilities Business and says there came a stage when the entire industry developed a blind spot. It stopped challenging a fundamental assumption. (The fact that one cannot go beyond a point in turbine sizes for power generation. The industry tried to increase the size of turbines in order to generate more power and failed miserably as it became difficult to maintain these turbines. The assumption was that turbine manufacturers were capable of producing larger turbines every few months and this would lead to improved productivity and power generation without taking into account that it would not be practical beyond a point). The author goes on to say that the only way to get out of such a situation is to sit down and question fundamental assumptions and analyze the condition. It triggered off my thoughts on the topic and helped me draw a parallel to the world of KM.


We Think – we learn – we do – it becomes a habit – we internalize it – we stop thinking. :D (What a Paradox!!)

Then what?

How about attempting to write all about the goings on? (in an unbiased manner, as if an outsider)

Which means to say – analyze thoroughly.

It makes one Think….

And thus triggers off the second thinking cycle leading to new learning and so forth.


What Ho? :)

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