Thursday, February 23, 2006

KM - Why does it fail?

Have been reminiscing about some of the possible reasons for the failure of KM initiatives and have some off the cuff thoughts:


-          Who’s got the authority and empowerment for the KM initiative? Does the KM manager have what it takes? Who ultimately runs it and champions it – owns it? Is that someone who sells? Is that someone who belongs to the men-who-matter class of people?

-          Is the KM initiative a half-hearted effort? Are there full-time resources? Do the investments reflect commitment - Charles Hammer says “The finest of ideas will not get implemented unless there is an organizational framework for shepherding it from concept to reality.”

-          Is everyone being involved? – What if everyone’s busy with something else and those who are free are not the appropriate resources?

-          Will these things happen only when organizations are pushed to a corner?

-          Is the way out to go for one pilot after another till the tipping point is reached?


On the other hand, how can something like KM and its principles, needs and benefits be communicated effectively to the employee force if people are not open to anything new? The best bet would be to not position oneself as a KM evangelist but simply say that you are there to solve problems using certain techniques and methods and go ahead and do so! KM be damned! What?


Terrence said...

Hi Nimmy,

Good points!

The solution, I believe, is to recognize that knowledge management is booming all around us via blogs and wikis and other new user-driven technologies.


PS - Love that photo. Is that you?

Nimmy said...

Thanks, Terry! Yes....Blogs...Wikis....I am pretty ambitious and want to see the whole world use them! :)

And no, that isn't me in the photograph. :) Just a representation of what I think everyone of us ought to be like - a cute and chubby baby - ready to learn, full of innocence, genunine, happy, forgiving, playful, creative, unconventional, al! :D

apoorv said...

Nice post. I read a related thing at [1] which talks of involving senior management and getting people who can speak all three languages - culture and vision, technological concepts and business value. This one is for intranets but i guess same fundas apply to KM also.