Thursday, February 23, 2006

Music Musings

I have immensely enjoyed watching the Zee TV Musical Programme, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa for the past few months. (It is now drawing to a close.) So much so, that it is this programme that ushers in my weekend much before it actually comes. The weekend starts on Thursday for me. The music never fails to keep me awake and excited. For the uninitiated, this is a singing contest involving a few music directors as the mentors of the wanna-be Sonu Nigams and Shreya Goshals.


Apart from the interest that the music itself creates, there are a few other things that I have been intrigued by as well. Himesh Reshamaiah who is one of the music directors, who mentors, has been doing an awesome job of branding one of his students that he clearly wants to win the contest. Going by his flawless strategy, he could actually put a self-respecting brand director to shame. It is interesting to analyze his methods. As a caveat, let me say that he may have probably been naturally-inclined to do whatever he did and may not have done it by design. But the way he sold his product – a singer called Vinit – is uncanny. Perfect branding strategy, I would say.  He has used emotions, logic, drama, and body language to appeal to the subconscious mind et al.  Anyone who has been watching the programme continuously would know what I am talking about…


I am a great fan of Shaan, the programme host. He is a great host and an even greater human being. I’d actually go around asking people to vote for him rather than any of the wanna-be singers. ;) He is the epitome of humility and maybe a tough competitor to the Big B, a good blend of dignity Vs innocence.  Only a really humble and yet confident singer can call another peer singer as the ‘singer of today’.  Shaan referred to Sonu Nigam as the singer of today but interestingly enough, Sonu, however much I like him as a singer, has loads of arrogance and attitude. He may pass off for a self-proclaimed GOD to an Alien from Mars or whichever planet.


Here’s the most painful thing though. Today’s the grand finale of the programme (starts in another 30 minutes I guess) I’ve been watching for ages and I am not in a place where I can see the programme! :( If there’s anyone out there watching today’s episode, could you please leave your comments on this post and let me know who won the contest and what exactly transpired? Thanks a ton in advance!


Ardra said...

its today- friday- the grand finale-still cannot watch it? ok...let me see- I'll try to let u know of the detials tomorrow

Ardra said...

dunno if u were able to watch the grand finale y'day- it was a grand event indeed with famous celebrities from the cine field- Music- television stars- truly star studded- Debo won!
the best part was the performance of the ousted last ten finalists-
swananda and rajeev sang a song from rang de basanti, ujjaini and rakthima sang together- song I dont rememebr- Himani and hemu made a fab entry on a bike- and sang the song which junior AB and sunidhi sang in bluff master- and Hemu's voice was simply amazing- gave me goose bumps- they exited too in style- paresh and twinkle performed tgether-
all of them were their best-
Diya Mirza performed with Vinit and Debo each-
Then Vinit sang a song specially written and composed by Himesh, and Debo sang a song composed by Ismail...
Shaan too performed with Vinit and Debo each...

Vinit performed the song which was judged a shis best performance during the contest- title song "tera jadoo chal gaya"- they showed the clippings form the contest too- when Ismail gifted vinit the rs 50 moved by Vinit's performance that day...

Debo sang th song which was considered his best during the contest- "ek haseena thi ek diwana" tha- from "karz"

they kept announcing the total number of votes recd from seperate regions in the country...

As the results were to be announced, Debo's wife and Ismail's wife were visibly anxious-
Himesh was subdued perhaps only during these last 2 days-
Ismail was composed...

and finally after much prolonged hemming and hawing testing everybody's patience..the founder of Hero announced the name of Debo- there was a furore- Debo, his wife- Ismail's wife were all in tears- ans so was Vinit- the other contestants were also on stage- there was lots of hugging and tears going on- debo and his wife thanked the Almighty and the janta- the mentors-
so i've related whatever i could remember...

am sure they would show it again sometime ...
and so finally after 8 motnhs sa re ga ma pa challenge has come to a close!

Nimmy said...


i dont know how to thank you for this! period! i simply dont know how to thank you for this! this is perhaps the first ever time when i feel my blog has made a world of difference (to me myself).....and that's because of you! :D. I simply love music and have been watching this programme for ages only to realize last week that i wont be able to watch the final episode. you have changed it altogether. your narration is the next best thing to watching it on TV. as i read your comments, i imagined the whole thing happening right in front of my eyes. thank you sssoooooooooooooooooo much arda. thank you! i guess vinit and himesh would have cried too....after all that branding and drama in so many episodes.....did vinit finally announce the name of the person that contributed to his branding?
i too am hoping that they retelecase the episode and i dont miss it again. but you've taken the sting out of the whole thing for me. i dont have the feeling of having missed it after reading your narrative! god bless you.... :D

Ardra said...
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Ardra said...

Hi Nimmy!
:-) u'r welcome- my pleasure...glad to have made you feel so nice-

no they did not mention vinit's girlfriend at all- in fact on thurs, himesh alluded to it as soemthing of a light hearted banter like how they used to tease paresh for his hindi- nihira abt dancing- etc- dunno why he suddenly changed tracks- so that too was perhaps just for garnering sympathy votes-

u take care- and btw, i came here thru blog explosion...shall keep coming back