Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fits the Bill? - Indian Billiards' Ayn Rand?

My blogging activities have taken the back-seat for some time now. Feeling pretty conscious about, decided to finish at least a few of the incomplete posts that have been waiting in my temporary blog storage area (word document) on my desktop and polish them a bit and keep my blog alive lest to give readers a feeling I am gone forever. So, here’s one that I wrote a few months ago but never got around to finishing till a few minutes ago.


Success Vs Joy, the book by Geet Sethi and Sunil Agarwal which I have spoken about before on my blog is a Wonderful Book. The book has an endorsement by the Big B on its cover. For once, I think that Amitabh’s dialogue delivery is a tad below mark. His remarks could have been worded better. He says the book will have a significant impact on its readers...I’d perhaps search for better adjectives like enormous/awesome etc. Sethi reminds me of Ayn Rand and her philosophy. One place though where Sethi gives in to Success rather than Joy is when he talks about wanting to win a medal for India in the Olympic Games and also about the relief of winning the medal to satisfy the expectations of millions of Indians. Exceptions allowed, eh? Overall, it’s a wonderful book if you are a person looking for Joy rather than Success or if you’re feeling weighed down by materialistic desires, society’s expectations, rules and regulations etc and obviously a cool book if you’re a sportsperson.  I am going to read it again very soon. And mind you, it doesn’t taken more than a few hours even if you want to pause and savour some of the messages…

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