Friday, November 11, 2005


I just don't believe it. I saw a Kingfisher this morning and that the most unlikely of places! :)
This chap was sitting and meditating (or maybe looking for fish) with his back towards the road, on a small rock in a sort of 'marshy' area on the way to Sarjapur (Bangalore). He had a darrrrk green body and a darrrrk red head. I am in an elated state...yeah! :) Imagine my pleasure, when I realized that there was a bird sitting on the rock, from the corner of my eye, and looked towards the area imagining that it would be the common myna and instead found this coulourful chap! And this 'reward' from nature comes immediately after I spotted one of those tiny birds yesterday (in Sarjapur again)....


Veerapathiran said...

if you drive past the airport and stay on marathalli you might see kingfisher landing or taking off :-)

and you call this fellow a 'chap'? interesting!

Nimmy said...

ha ha ha.....good one. :)vijay mallya may not be happy to hear this, but, for a minute i was stumped.