Thursday, November 03, 2005

Goal Mall ;-) (Read in English. Not in Hindi)

I’ve been gleaning a lot of information on goal-setting, planning et al for sometime. Guess I just reached the ‘tipping’ point and decided to record my ‘knowledge’ - blog– on some tools I've discovered/used for Goal Setting and the corresponding Planning Phases: in my opinion, these tools need not necessarily to be used in the same order – especially the last 3 steps:  


- Goal Maps (goal setting - benefits, when, why etc) - MS/templates

- Mind Maps (initial elaboration and setting boundaries) - tools

- PPT (information gathering and structuring and planning) - MS

- Concept Maps (linking, relationship building and the big picture - clarity) - MS/tools

- Story Boards (precise steps leading to action/visualization) - MS/templates


I’ll come back to this list in case I get to know of more tools that may be of use. Meanwhile, if you’ve come across effective tools that help in goal setting and associated tasks including execution, then you know what to do….! :-)

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