Friday, November 25, 2005

'Sound' Friendship

Short Story:

Megha was energized. It would be the first time that she would be getting to attend an international conference were her paper to be selected. She was looking forward eagerly to the experience and learning. The news arrived. Her paper had been selected. Her company now had to approve her travel. After a few days, she heard that her travel had been approved as well. On receiving the news, she went into the conference room where she was to work on something with two of her colleagues, one of whom she considered to be a nice human being and a friend. She went in and mentioned that her travel had been approved, with a slight smile. The ‘friend’ narrowed her eyes and put on an expression that almost looked like a half frown and half smile and said “How come?!” At that moment, gravity worked overtime as if it wanted to delight Newton beyond his expectations. A lot of things fell simultaneously with one huge resounding thud. One of the things that fell was, paradoxically, a resounding silence in Megha's heart. Between the thud and the silence, she had heard the message – loud and clear.

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