Monday, November 28, 2005

'STRANDed' amongst books...

I am getting too much into reporting conversations these days! But I can’t resist reporting conversations that make one think/laugh or smile/be better informed. Guess I happen to be in the ‘right’ place at the ‘right’ time and ‘am perhaps getting to learn to listen better too. ;-). Heard this at the Strand Book Fest in Bangalore. I traced the long and winding cash counter line back to its tail and finally located it and added a few inches to it (I don’t particularly want to mention exactly how much I measure in whatsoever direction. Hey, hold it….I am not a fatso, but yeah, I wouldn’t mind being a little thinner :)). The person ahead of me was holding a huge encyclopaedia on some topic related to medicine when his friend walked toward him and said “You can finish the book before you reach the counter. Start reading it now. You will not have to pay for it”. :D. A minute later, the same person picked up a small picturesque children’s book on the table beside him and started reading it out aloud and said “We could perhaps read out these stories to the children around and collect some money. Anyways, people have nowhere to run!” : D (It was an extremely crowded room).

About the books I bought, suffice it to say that I am sure there will be no cure for my Book-Buying OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) even in that encyclopaedia I refer to in the previous paragraph. I bought 8 books - Management, Technology, Classics, Humour, and Comics. Don’t ask me where I’ve put them. Anyways, I’ll tell you. :O I managed to find some space in and around my poor book-shelf that would’ve long died of Asthma or a similar respiratory disease if it were a human being.

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