Monday, November 21, 2005

C(ool) D(eal)s on CDs

Touch wood! So far, today has been a day of some very important and amazing discoveries for me. I am sort of overwhelmed. It’s going to take me some time to come back to normal. :-). To add to that, I’ve changed the appearance of my screen completely and it makes me feel sort of good; as if I were in some other world, for the screen looks unique and out of the ordinary now – I’ve chosen the olive green windows theme and changed all the icon/title bar/tool tip fonts. Yippee. I love change. I really think my laptop looks cool (touch wood again) and pleasant now. But I don’t know how long it will be before I get bored with these settings…. ;) Sigh! Anyways, why think about that now? Let me bask in its glory for now…


Talking of discoveries, here’s one wonderful discovery I made yesterday which you’ll find to be very useful if you are into Indian movie/classical/instrumental music big-time and have your own unique tastes. If you are not aware of what I shall be talking about, the knowledge is going to leave you ecstatic, to say the least. I was listening to music at home and happened to open an old Suresh Wadkar (one of my favourite singers/voices) cassette after a long time. I rarely study the cover beyond the titles of the songs, but as I opened it yesterday it was a pure chance event that my eyes fell on a piece of information in the inside flap of the back-cover of the cassette. And I beamed so much that my facial muscles ached because this was what it was about – click here.


If you’ve seen the link, let me go on to add that it is of course obvious that you can always get your own CDs and tapes made at your local music shop, but I think this would a much easier process online for you may not have all this variety in one local shop. Not to forget, the likelihood of finding that very elusive old song which you’ve been looking for everywhere is very high on HMV! I am yet to order my CD. I need a lot of time to be able to fish out the songs that I don’t have but want to….! In case, you happen to make your own CDs using this service, don’t forget to leave your comments here.  

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