Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Once bitten, twice shy….

Once bitten, twice shy….

Approx. 2 years ago, there was a ruckus about some Cadburys’ Diary Milk chocolate bars that were found to be infested with worms. Being a cocoa lover (and Diary Milk chocolate bars occupying the pride of place on my list), I was naturally drawn into the discussion/news. I’d stopped buying Diary Milk frequently as people at home were anyways letting out steam on my being addicted to chocolates. After this incident, there was a coincidental lull in my chocolate shopping. Now, I buy them but once in, say, 3-4 months.

I bought one recently and was amused to see the number of wrappers around the chocolate! There was one usual, shiny, blue-colored wrapper, followed by a paper slip-through with Cadburys’ printed all over it, followed by, not one, but two golden yellow aluminum foils that were hard to tear! Wow! Talk about covering oneself from nasty surprises like worms. :)

And…talking about consumers biting into worms that made a living out of and also died in the Diary Milk bars in question; it does seem very apt to say that it’s a case of once bitten (by the customer), twice shy….for Cadburys, that is… ;)

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