Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hocus Focus!

Note: I have varied interests and so this piece of advice seems to be quite important to me...thought I'd share it with all you blog surfers as well... :)

From LifeSupport: IN FOCUS

In reading a mortality chart, I discovered something truly amazing. A great number of people die each year from a disease I had never heard of! Of course, there was the predictable number who died of heart attacks, cancer, stroke, accidents and the like, but at the bottom of the chart was one that surprised me. It was called "miscellaneous."

Appar­ently, a large number of people die of "miscellane­ous" every year!

I think I understand why. I suffer from "mis­cel­­laneous" when I go in too many directions at once. When I am scattered, the disease begins to take over. Soon my self-esteem is affected and I feel as if I'm doing nothing important. Flitting here and there, I have no overriding pur­pose and I feel as if my life is spinning out of con­trol. It must be a terrible way to die!

However, I believe there is a cure for the disease. It's called "focus." A focused person is one who knows what is important and follows the path. She may have many interests, but one calling. A fo­cused person hears one voice more clearly than the others...and follows. Some call it pursuing a mis­sion. Some call it knowing your purpose. Others call it being centered. Whatever it is called, a fo­cused life can be meaningful and happy.

Not every path should be followed, and not every goal should become a life's calling. But a truly worthy focus can raise a life from mediocrity and save it from a slow death by miscellaneous.

Are you in focus?


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Sarita Shekhar said...

Thanks for highlighting the cranky miscellaneous killer - this article of yours so motivates me to kill each of those little devils in my thoughts, that slacken my nerve and muscle. "miscellaneous" never tells how it wishes to have you - but it sure does wrap one up someday, creating a vicious cycle of non-focussed doubts, providing no scope for goal-based thoughts!

I sometimes wondered in my domain, if miscellaneous could be called "fuzzy", and hence defend my incomplete work during presentations! But soon, I realised, being "fuzzy" is way different from what "miscellaneous" is. The "Fuzzy logic" idea is of much controversy in the math community - with those wanting things in "black and white", not willing to accept "shades of gray"! Fuzzy-logic is natural variance/accuracy, while miscellaneous is pure garbage!

Yes, we got to learn to stay focussed (even if on a fuzzy idea)! We shouldn't let the little devil eat away our goals and hence our lives! Lovely article nimmy!