Thursday, April 28, 2005

Why Innovation?

It is almost like I am compensating for not having had the time to Blog for a couple of weeks.

Q:Why is there so much talk about innovation from one part of the world?

Methinks: If the world were divided into 2 parts - one that has the desire to change and in fact, the desire to bring about change and another that hates to change. The people in these 2 'parts' are like politicians and the 'parts' are like political parties. People can change parties anytime depending on whether the change brings them what they perceive to be joy/sorrow.

There is talk about innovation from some one or the other as there is this inherent need to change; The need to be different; The need to do much better; The need to improve;

Because humankind is always in a state of restlessness.

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