Friday, April 29, 2005

Mother and Son

Yesterday evening, as our office van cruised through a colony in Koramangala (Bangalore), I watched the people in the colony go about their evening routine. Some people were walking, some chatting, some taking their dogs out for a walk, some sitting alone in deep thought, some simply enjoying the environment and some playing. It was a typical "an evening in a colony" scene. I liked what I saw. Esp. because the colony has its share of greenery! But there was one particular part of the scene that I was enamored by. That of a mother and a son pair sitting on a bench. (Hold on....that is not what I was enamored by per se! :-) ). The way the son was sitting was something that touched me. He was sitting like a king - he was to his mother's left, his arms outstretched and on the bench; the right arm around his mother; and the left leg placed across the right in a horizontal position. His posture somehow caught my attention and left an impression! The scene, to my mind, depicted a son's love for his mother and his protective nature towards her. I smiled to myself and felt happy for the mother and turned to look at the other things that the environment had to offer when my friend in the van turned to me and said "Did you see that?" and I was like zapped. I knew she was talking about the mother and son pair. I asked her if that was what she was talking about and she nodded and smiled at me. Wow! Isn't that sort of a nice thing? I was a little surprised that both of us had been observing and admiring the same thing when there were perhaps 20-30 other people around! I guess we all identify with love and affection...! :-)

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