Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Business Blogs

It's that time of the year when people at my organization get to showcase their intellectual abilities. We are having an internal conference wherein employees can write white papers on any topic as long as it is related to the organization. I've grabbed the opportunity to suggest a re-orientation of the organization's KM system. The solution involves making use of Blogs to house the organizational knowledge. It involves making use of Blogs as the gateway to knowledge that already exists/does not exist in the current KM system. I'd get to know if the evaluation committee thinks my idea is worth anything by the end of next week. If it is accepted and the organization takes it up for implementation, it would be cool.
In the process of writing the paper, I was looking at the organization's that are already into blogging - big time.
Got any more organizations to add to this list?

- Microsoft
- Google
- Boeing
- GM
- Macromedia
- HP
- Intel
- Sun Microsystems