Thursday, April 28, 2005

Conference 'Confusion'

I’ve indicated this before - I was a part of an organization-wide conference that happened recently. Some observations I have in the context:

Conferences can create a stimulating environment for the intellectually-inclined. For a few minutes during one of the panel discussions, I donned the role of an indifferent by-stander. It was amusing to watch the proceedings as an onlooker. Two parties opposite each other. One - ambitious and striving to make a paradise out of the business world; requires support from a whole lot of people to implement and bring good ideas to life. Another - with its own problems, goals and ambitions; on its own track. But some of the forces (ideas) bringing together a certain number of people to form small clusters of people. Imagine a scene with many such small clusters of people and sometimes, a cluster with just one lone person. Will all of these clusters and communities ever get together? At the best, highly unlikely. Actually, in the first place, should all of them get together? I guess not. Then, what are we striving at? Why do we want everyone on our side? (Having said that, I guess there are pragmatic people who aren’t trying to get everyone on their side.) When does an idea get into the mass-appeal stage? What are the factors that help an idea leap-frog into that stage? What is the role of leaders in this context? I think I ought to read The Tipping Point. It’s been lying around in my book shelf for some time now.

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