Thursday, March 03, 2011

The T.R.E.E

Source: Google Images

The tree was one of its kind, big and sturdy
Its lovely branches & leaves made it shady
It was fully equipped to protect the needy
For its warmth, all the birds were greedy

On the tree, the squirrels wanted to play
The saints wanted to meditate and pray
Travelers wanted to rest on the way
Children wanted to be make merry all day

The tree had plenty of space to spare
It had the best of breezes to share
It had all the strength to dare
It had fruits sweet and rare
It could almost give a mother's care

The birds begged for a nest
The squirrels squealed with interest
While people were desperate to rest
The children's expressions said it the best

The tree, unfortunately, turned a deaf ear
And wasted itself without a tear
None of these, it thought, were dear
It understood only the rules of distrust and fear
Its purpose, sadly, was not clear


SciReg said...

Oh, it is a great post! I really like it! ^_^

Nimmy said...

Thanks! :)