Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Passion Thread

If there is no passion, there is no ownership.
If there is no ownership, there is no long-term thinking.
If there is no long-term thinking, there is no persistence.
If there is no persistence, there is no achievement.
Constant: Values, Intentions.


Mohan gandhi said...

You are such a pleasure to read! Well written article and keep up the work. Super likes.

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Nimmy said...

Whoa. Thanks a lot, Mohan. Encouraging. :)

The truth is that I used to write a lot earlier, but the quality and frequency of my posts have come down of late due to other alternatives like Twitter and FB.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Oh, passion. What makes us alive and human. Shame on those who teach us to tame the passions. Yes, bring balance and unity within the human being, but never tame. Religion tames, God does not tame, but respects all life. Although sometimes in my weak moments, I wish I could tame my wife even while knowing the impossibility and disrespectfulness of such an act. (:

I remember someone said to me once upon a time that to be a true human being, one must be capable of expressing all the emotions from the most evil to the most lofty. One has access to one's complete humanity, yet lives in a responsible way within our human communities. Just because one has an ability dosn't necessarily mean that one has to express it.

Take care Nimmy and keep expressing your gift,
Mike Hopkins

Nimmy said...

Thanks, Mike. Lovely comment, again! I guess passion needs to have some boundaries like what you indicate ("responsible way within our human communities"). We need to be conscious of where to draw the line...

Your comment on religion reminds me of what another friend said - "Religion has boundaries but spirituality has none...". :-)

I guess the best way to "tame" another is to be true to ourselves! :-P

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello again Nimmy:

Thanks for your kind words.

Yes, true to ourselves...A nice way of saying it.... I might say true to ourSelves instead.... but, this doesn't in any way taske away from your intelligent insight and the way you so craftedly phrased it..