Thursday, March 04, 2010

Stammer, Splutter, Twitter

I was thinking it would be good for me to regularly capture some of those random but worthwhile - personal & introspective - Twitter moments on the blog. Twitter does not have a good memory. Some of these moments are rare meaningful flashes that are hard to recover mentally as well. It would be good to come back to this list and recharge myself if I find myself in a situation that demands sanity - such situations do exist, what? ;-)

Rattling's safe to take off the seat belts.
I guess the commitment to settle for nothing but the best may be a journey of incremental progress, at the risk of others not noticing it

There's a thin line of difference between patience and obsession. They're actually two sides of the same coin. #somewhat_paradoxical

I got a confirmation of something yet again. Many people with organizations believe they are working solely for the latter's profit & good

Ideas are great but executing them takes a herculean effort. You need so many people who're equally true to it. Takes superhuman leadership

Some articles have no summary. Summarizing them would be like inviting you to a buffet & giving you just the starter, drink & the dessert

Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood: I suspect we don't really get rid of our silliness. We just move on from one silliness to another

As long as everyone puts peace & goodness above & ego below everything else most problems are not likely to occur at all...or will be solved

If you want to get interested in a topic and/or understand it better, agree to make a presentation on it

Perseverance gets us there. But we've got to recognize occasions when Letting Go is better, at least, temporarily

An idea that is worth it can both rob you of your sleep & appear sweeter than sleep. Robbery when it eludes you & sweetness when you near it        

The world may have completely lost the ability to think of something without thinking about its potential or actual material cost or value

The dance between Thinking and Doing is a tough one to choreograph. The 'music' is sometimes deafening & sometimes too soft to be heard... 

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