Thursday, March 18, 2010

Courage and Contentment @ Universe . Com

I asked what I think is an intriguing question. Sample some of the awesome responses.

Q: What leads to higher courage & contentment? Faith that the Universe is here to help you ( a la the Paulo Coelho quote) or faith that happiness always lies within you?

Saurav Jaiswal: "Both.There isn't much of a difference between what is internal (you) or external (universe).The Universe is you and you are the Universe! :)"  From Linked In

Nikhil Mehta: "Courage and contentment are two different goals, faith in the Universe gives courage and faith that happiness is within gives contentment. " From Linked In
Raj Waghray: Courage is obtained by Knowing oneself. Contentment comes from recognizing the impermanent nature of all  things material. From Twitter

Sukumar: Faith in the limitless power of human endeavor. From Twitter

Deepak Pandian: Courage & contentment rises from the success in even a little attempt which you make ..that builds strengths for the bigger ones. From Twitter

Priya Raju: >>higher courage<< Wisdom prepares you to handle the worst. >>contentment<< Pleasure in the small things life has to offer. From Twitter

Kumaran: Understanding that you are a small cog in the big universe and that you do your bit and let nature takes its course. From Twitter

Anjali Koli: For courage one looks outside while contentment one looks within. Strange? From Google Buzz

Blogger's Notes: Each answer is beautiful in its own way and has the ability to lend strength to anyone feeling lost. Do you see the subtle similarities between some of the responses? Knowing oneself - Wisdom. You're the Universe - You're a Cog in the Universe. Contentment is from within. So forth. Now, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Experiance, i would say, of life rather than anything else.
Btw, rn't u on facebook?

Nimmy said...

Thanks, Saurav. :-) I am very much alive on FB as well. With re. to this post and my question....I have had no responses from anyone on FB as yet. :-)