Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Will Knowledge Managers Survive?

I couldn't possibly let this post go unnoticed and uncommented. :-)

My thoughts are mostly in-line with Mary's comments. The KM role the author of the post refers to is not something that is common to all organizations. If all that the KMer does is regulate, validate and oversee the flow of content, he will add no value with the advent of self-regulated Enterprise 2.0 Tools. But, then, I see the role of a KMer to be much more critical and important.  
  • She must be responsible for, first of all, strategical decisions reg. the cultural elements, knowledge-intensive processes and the platform/technology. What a KMer did a decade ago (set up an Intranet) no longer sounds complete in today's world. KMers had to understand cultural, technical and operational changes and keep pace with them and accordingly transform their organizational KM system from that of an Intranet to something more "social" after 5-6 years. I am not equipped to comment on what things will be like in another 5 years but I can guarantee you that it will be different from what it is like, it is up to the KMer to keep pace and change her strategy along with the organization and other external factors.  
  • Mary's point about KMers being process experts resonates with me but I've, admittedly, had a tough time explaining this to organizations. KMers can have their hands full if they spend time understanding and tweaking processes in order to enable knowledge creation, usage and sharing.  
  • Even when it comes to technology, KMers must identify, purchase, customize, adapt and evangelize or identify, design, build, implement and evangelize. Even before they know it, once they are through with one phase, they will most likely be forced to embark on another phase of technological changes.  
  • Cultural acceptance is something that is not a one-time effort. KMers have to continue talking to people, making them aware, inspiring them, facilitating and supporting them when it comes to certain portions of the overall KM system. Take a look at the number of articles, guidelines, and tips on Twitter and you'll know what I am talking about. A simple tool in many ways but the ideas that come out of it are many! Thanks to the post, made me think/express somethings that I've always wanted to. ;-)

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