Thursday, January 07, 2010

Human Evolution

Another mesmerizing article shared by @Kirti.
I'm taking a print out and putting it along with my most treasured books in my book-shelf!

Not providing you with extracts as yet. Plan to re-read it a few times.
You must read the entire article to experience the knowledge.

Goes a long way to prove the impact of parenting and environment on children and human development as a whole!


IonnKorr said...

Nice Blog!

Greetings from Greece!

Nimmy said...

@IonnKorr: Welcome here and Thanks a lot! :-) Aah...Greece....such a beautiful place that I dream of visiting at least once! Happy New Year!

KayKap said...

Waiting to see what you make of it once you have re-read a few times and digested it thoroughly. Must say it is one of the two articles that I read with great concentration and enjoyed, oh so thoroughly.

Nimmy said...

@KK: :-) Next week, it shall be! I am gonna be off from work for a plan to re-catch-up with this article soon!

KayKap said...

On an aside, Nimmy, what happened to the "Nutty" story? Eh? you thought I had forgotten, nah dearie, me waits :-D

Nimmy said...

Ahh.....! I know you well. I know you will never forget. LoL. :-) Imagine Koogie forgetting something! ;-) I did get started with it. Have a draft sitting on my desktop. Adding some random thoughts to it now and then. Waiting to feel the "full" flow of inspiration so I can patch it up and post it once for all! ;-)