Monday, January 04, 2010

Not My Job! :-)

A friend just forwarded this photo with the caption "Not My Job". Hilarious, eh?
  1. People who draw the line straight despite the branch being there would be those who do it despite all the odds but are not so ‘smart’.
  2. People who push the branch aside and then draw it would be those who go the extra mile or are sincere to their job
  3. People who call the forest department to take the branch off would be those who obey the rules
  4. People who leave that part of the line blank would be those who couldn’t care less about what isn't "their" problem
  5. People who draw nothing and come back and complain about the branch are those whom the world simply doesn't need! ;-)


Jackfruit said...

liked the thought that went into a fw mail that we would have shift-del with a smile...

Nimmy said...

@Ajeesh: Thanks! :-) Happy New Year...and Good to see you here's been a while, eh?! Need to catch up with your blog some time...! :-)

Vijay Narain said...

Hey super post :) I remember ur blog! U had once made a very sensible comment in mine sometime during super singer :)

Nimmy said...

@Vijay: Hey Mr.Budding Music Director/Established Singer! :-)How's life after Airtel SS? Really glad to see you here...! Thanks a lot for the comment! It's been a while since I visited your blog...will drop in some time! Happy New Year and hope to see you here again! :-) Hello from me to all your other SS friends!

Vijay Narain said...

I'm doin great :) Not quite established yet lol. Life's good. Been doin shows n jingles n stuff :) Happy New Yr to u too! And will say hello to everyone from you :)

Mihir jha said...

Hey Nimmi, Nice Blog!!!

I came here from the comment that you had left once long back ob ASO
.....How u doing?? we guys are starting an e-zine on this 26th :)

Happy new year !!keep posting!!

Nimmy said...

@Mihir: Thanks for the comment! :-) I'm doing great and it's really good to know you folks are starting an e-Zine. I look forward to more nuggets of wisdom from you and your friends....will make it a point to visit the blog and hope it gets active again!

A very happy new year to you and all the ASO folks as well! :-)