Friday, December 11, 2009

Destiny Despite the Devils

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Injustice is an evil thing
And suspicion is a cruel sibling
These hath my blood boiling
For both have a similar blow
Pushing my tolerance level to a new low

Can a river's flow be questioned?
Can a mountain's growth be arrested?
Can a rainbow's colours be washed?
Can a bird's flight be suspended?
Can the Sun's brightness be blocked?
Can a tree's shade be invaded?
Can a flower's fragrance be filtered?

A life that you can't call your own
A life that is judged by the unknown
A life subjected to a ridiculous verdict
Destiny being destroyed or created albeit?


Shas said...

Thought provoking. Very well-written.

Reluctant Engineer said...

Hmm..What provoked this angst ridden expression !!

Nimmy said...

@Shas: Thanks a lot! I guess there's a lot more bitterness yet to be vented while on this topic! ;-)

@Reluctant Engineer: :-) I guess this intolerance for injustice has always been dormant in me. I think it is really sad to see people being subjected to it. Don't we see it all around many spheres of etc. Happens to children/adults/teenagers...what-not. I get really frustrated when it happens to children for it unfortunately sidetracks them from their well-deserved future.

What right does the society have to pass uninformed, incompetent and malicious verdicts on people who really are true to their conscience? I am sure you know at least one such 'suffering' person around you...what? Anyway, I guess my intention was to end the bitterness by hoping that destiny gets created time and again despite these evils! :-)

Vinod said...

Nimmy wat a poem it is -Gr8 one!! Yes its worst if it happ to a child....and im seeing one go thru tat as well, I'm using your poem - pls allow me !!

Nimmy said...

Hey V! :-) Long time! Glad you like the poem. Of course, by all means, please use it/share it. I hope the person that you are empathizing with soon gets over his/her challenge and comes out victorious! :-)

Caveman said...

Yes, a river’s flow can be questioned; yes, a mountain’s growth can be arrested; yes, a rainbow’s colours can be washed; yes, a bird’s flight can be suspended; yes, the sun’s brightness can be blocked; and yes, a tree’s shade can definitely be invaded. Nature is entitled to do that. The trouble is when human beings don’t allow a life to call it its own, judge a life more than the unknown, subject a life to a ridiculous verdict, and twist destiny to become the creator. That’s when injustice is done, suspicion arises, the blood boils, and it pushes tolerance levels to a new low.

I may have argued against the poem, but that’s just my habit. Nims, you’ve come up with a masterpiece. I believe that maturity is a state of mind where an individual can feel distant evils and empathise with its victims. That’s you; and this poem is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! :)

@Jerry: Bow-Wow! Hope you're doin' good, doggie :D

Caveman said...

Dang!! I've gotta stop arguing for the sake of it :(

The poem strikes a chord...

Nimmy said...

@Jai: He is back, folks! He is baaack! Beware! :-) Thanks for the comment, Jai! Your comments always have a certain something that puts a smile on my face. 8-) So, Thanksaton.

Trying hard to pronounce supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I am sorta able to manage it till expi....and then I begin to falter dangerously. The tongue refuses to continue its challenging journey and emits an unintelligible sound further on.

Jerry: Woof! Woof! [Me good] Eying you with a suspicious expression...wondering if he's seen you before. ;-)

Caveman said...

Well, it’s quite easy you see:

Super as in Superman
Cali as in California
Fragi as in Fragile (‘cept the ‘I’, which is to be pronounced as ‘E’)
Listic as in Lipstick without the p
Expi as in ‘Expe’rience
Ali as in Ally McBeal
Docious as in when you say ‘Delicious’ when you’re caught with a mouthful of chocolate ;)

So there you go: Super-Cali-Fragi-Listic-Expi-Ali-Docious!

Super-Cali-Fragi-Listic-Expi-Ali-Docious! Even though the sound of it is quite atrocious; if you say it loud enough you’ll always sound precocious; Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Because i was afraid to speak when i was just a lad, my father gave me nose a tweak and told me i was bad. But then one day i learned a word that saved me aching nose; the biggest word i ever ‘eard, and this is how it goes: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Um diddle diddle um diddle ay, Um diddle diddle um diddle ay. So when the cat has got your tongue, there’s no need to dismay. Just summon up this word and then you’ve got ‘woof-woof’ to say ;)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (english word with 34 letters): to me it means ‘super-duper-wonderfully-delicious’. A step above ‘i absolutely love it’ ;)

Jerry: Zara says woof :) woof :)

Nims ol’ girl, ‘ave you seen ‘Marry Poppins’?
Will be back later for your two latest posts :)

Nimmy said...

@Jai: :-) Couldn't have asked for better coaching! I hereby declare you to be the best potential author of the book "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for Dummies".

What a poem! What a jolly good poem! Should obviously find a plum place in the above said book. What?

Apologies Ms. Zara. I wanted to ask after you but got distracted. A big affectionate "Woof" to ya! :-)

Mary Poppins? Rings a vague bell..! But...not able to recall unless I am thinking about those candies. Me not much of a movie-goer/movie-watcher. But me will look this up for sure! :-) What does she go around popping about?