Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Serendiptiy on a Social Media Leash

I wrote this post
Re-visited the Wikipedia page on Swami V, on an impulse
Re-discovered the Vivekananda Study Circle @ IIT Madras and their E-group
Realized that there are students who are deriving inspiration from Swami, then read some more quotes...
Which in turn inspired me to do a Twitter Search on Swami
...Discovered a random Tweet that linked to a high-profile trust with a wonderful vision for the future...like the one I was dreaming of when I wrote the post!

The horse has been led to the water (on a Social Media leash)....is it thirsty enough to stop and drink rather than focus on running its usual race and be left high but dry (Pun intended. No, I don't mean high and dry)?


anoop erakkil said...

haven't read much of ur posts yet...
reading the header n the stuff written on the sidebars..//Life, Spirituality, and Knowledge Management (KM) and 'Nonsense'//..interesting..liked it..!
wil drop in again to read older posts...
good day :)

Nimmy said...

hey anoop! :)
thanks for leaving a comment. and hope you find something worthwhile or something to smile about when you come back to read my posts...!
happy new year!

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