Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 is Mine...!

Steve Goodier says, on his blog:

That all-too-quotable Yogi Berra once said, "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." (I think that happened to me once.)

But even if you know where you want to end up, do you REALLY WANT to be there? I'm not talking about traveling now, but where we're going with our lives. Is the dream you are following really that important to you?

Most people are not lazy. They simply have uninspiring goals. They don't accomplish what they set out to do because they lose interest. The dream they are following is simply not that important to them.

………..And that goes for anything that is truly important to us. If we want something badly enough, we will find necessary energy, excitement and drive to grasp it.


Wow! That strikes a familiar chord. Two things I’ll certainly focus on in 2009. Sometimes, it feels like there’s no point waiting for a new year to revisit things and start a fresh journey….it must be a constant endeavour after all and not an emotion locked away till January. But, then, a New Year is still a great occasion to explore such a thing if one has been lackadaisical and unmotivated even if only for a few weeks before January. It is good to capitalize on the positive energy that floats around across the globe at the start of the New Year and use it to identify or pursue one’s vision with renewed vigor.

What do you really want from life? I guess the best way to find that out is to indulge in silence and introspection. I think it is important to not get stuck to a passing thought that created itself purely due to social influence and does not mean anything at a personal level. As far as dreams are concerned, the most important thing about them must be their origin – from one’s own soul uninfluenced by the constraints imposed by society and expectations from others.

Once you discover what you want, you simply must dream big. You must allow the vision and dream to inspire you. You must ask for it, believe that you will get it and then be ready to receive it - Thanks to the book, “The Secret” for this wonderful idea! :-)

I guess one of the best ways to be sure that you know what you REALLY want is to observe if it really lends you energy, excitement and drive! Paradoxical…but I think I am right. :-)

Let’s hope 2009 delivers. Let’s hope it is magical, full of miracles and proves to us that nothing is impossible!

As Jack Addington so wonderfully says, “It's a law of the mind that which you can conceive of, believe in, and confidently expect for yourself, must necessarily become your experience.”

DREAM – Dare to Dream, Be sure you’ll Realize it, Expect the world to give it to you, Ask the world to be your partner, Master the process and fulfill your potential – Leave the world a better place, share your dream with others but let them pursue theirs.

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krish said...

Hi! Nimmy!

My best wishes to you to enjoy both your journey and destination in the New Year 2009.

Yayaver said...

"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up as someone else."

Nimmy said...

Thanks a ton, Krish. Wish you the same!

Yayavar..! How true!! I agree! :-)

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