Monday, January 12, 2009

A-B-C of Life

It is pouring inspiration today. Got this on mail. Either I am in a very receptive mood or there genuinely is a lot of inspiration in the air today. :-) Anyway, I adore the simplicity and sense in the message below.


Hal Elrod - The A-B-C's of Life's Purpose

To Love & Create—this is the essence of life. But to be able to create the life you want, you must first be able to love the life you have. When you do, you are then able to enjoy a true sense of freedom and inspiration while engaged in the exciting process of creating the life of your dreams.

Accept Responsibility (For Everything)
From the economy to that difficult person in your life, to the speed of traffic during your daily commute—the external events and circumstances of life are often out of our control. Although we can't always control what happens to us, what we choose to think & do about it is our responsibility.

This is a profound truth, that it is not what happens to us that determines our quality of life, but it is how we choose to respond to what happens that creates our experience of life—good or bad. Even if a circumstance is not your fault, how you deal with it is always your responsibility.

The moment you Accept Responsibility for everything in your life, is the moment you have the power to create anything for your life.

Be Grateful (For Everything)
People often defend their negative attitude by claiming, "I'm not negative, I'm just realistic. Consider this: How is it any more "realistic" to focus on, think and talk about all that is wrong in your life, than it is to focus on, think, talk and Be Grateful for everything that is right in your life? Hmm...

When you choose to focus on the positive in your life and Be Grateful for everything, you have the power to create happiness at any moment of your life.

Commit To The Process (Without Being Emotionally Attached To the Results)
Every result (goal/dream/etc.) that you desire is preceded by a process. If you desire improved health, it must be preceded by a process of healthy eating and exercise. If you desire financial independence, it must be preceded by a process of accumulating, saving, and investing your money.

Most of us are emotionally attached to our results, and we base our level of commitment to each of our processes on how we feel or how things are going. Poor results usually lead to feeling discouraged or frustrated, both which hinder our desire and confidence to keep working towards our dreams.

The secret is to define the process required for each of your goals, then live everyday committed to those processes, and don't worry about your short term results. The process always eventually produces the result, you just have to stay committed and never give up!

You can learn to truly, authentically and unconditionally love the life that you have, and once you do you will find a sense of true joy and fulfillment in creating the life of your dreams. Your pursuit of a better life will no longer be out of fear of not having or being enough. You will be free from the stress and pressures that may have weighed on you in the past, so that you can begin genuinely loving the life you have while you are engaged in the exciting process of creating the life of your dreams!


Hari said...

Very good stuff, really nice. I liked the process part. It is even more apt for me (at this juncture) as I am going through some confusion revolving around this concept.

Nimmy said...

Glad someone found it to be useful so fast! :-)

Hey Hari...! Good luck...hope you come out of your current situation with crystal clear clarity! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nimmy! Missed you; truly inspired return....A-B-C of Life! Passing it on via my blog...hope you don't mind...too good not not share! Hope you find my Blog refreshing... aimed at enabling others to grow! :)

Nimmy said...

Hey Bushka! :-)) Good to see you here again! Of course you can pass it on! Please do! The more the merrier! I think your blog is brilliant!! Stuff worth a zillion! I am going to have to find the time to catch up with your archives! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Love! Really ghood to be in touch with far away; will be posting A-B-C etc on my UK Blogsite! Dare I be forward in inviting you to become a Blog Follower of my blog? Love to see your Avatar....:):):

Nimmy said...

!! :)
My pleasure. I keep in touch with my favourite blogs via Bloglines and that's where I'd added your BLOG URL last week...but I'd gladly add your blog to my Google Blogs-I-follow list as well! :-)
Have a great afternoon while I get ready to pack my bags and go home for the evening!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nim....I'm pretty new to Blogworld; still learning the ropes; rather cautious type. Glad I've now got you as a blog-buddy. :)

Nimmy said...

Anytime, Bushka! :-)) I know just a little about blogosphere....but glad to share it with you whenever you need it...! :-)

R u oK said...

Very informative post, really.
can boost the morale of a depressed person.
But thats an ideal view or somewhat we should do, bur are unable to do or dont do.
I would appreciate if the meaning of "loving yourself" could be elaborated.

Prashant Sree said...

Hi Nimmy,

Wonderful message being shared... Thanks a lot for that... Liked the "A" part, about accepting what one has.

Pretty hard to do so, yet only when you accept yourself, you mature enough to create a new world which we envision.

Profound thought !! :)

Keep Inspiring !!

Nimmy said...

R u oK - Thanks!

Elaborating on "Loving Yourself"....Ummm...My understanding is that all of us are equally divine...we all come from the same universal force and go into the same, we need to learn to trust that all of us are equal and love everything around us.

Loving yourself is important because you probably can't love life, the world and all other entities in the world if you don't love yourself. You can do good, stay positive and help others only when you love yourself!

Another way of looking at it is to forgive yourself for your mistakes and learn to accept yourself for what you are....while at the same time striving to improve and get better as a human being!

Loving yourself may very well be the foundation of being a good citizen of the world and contributing to society! :-)

Prashant: Thanks! Glad you like the post! Hope I discover more such gems! :-)

Yayaver said...

A BC of life is so good to read but very hard to implement for me...And C(Without Being Emotionally Attached To the Results) is like speech of gita...but the article stands for hope and inspiration...

And nimmy,one more thing,from where did u get this mail;I got mails which have heading forward them to 50 people and .... baba/god will bless you...

Nimmy said...

Hey Yayaver! I got this mail from! :-)

I hate forwards that force the reader to send it to N number of people or else be damned etc...If it happens to be a forward with inspiring content, I simply remove the stupid condition and send it out to my friends! :-))

Anonymous said...

I agree.
I say : Life is to put more life into life.

explications said...

This piece may be play a pivotal part in self-motivation ... i guess it teaches one to live in the present with gratitude, humility and perseverance as the key tenets

Nimmy said...

Thanks for the comment, Hobo! Lovely attitude!

Explications: Thank you! and Welcome here! :)

Shalini Sakhuja said...

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