Monday, July 07, 2008

Unusual Paradox

It's been a long time since I spoke of Paradoxes. I haven't been bumping into them for a while now. So, I was a bit excited to come across one recently. It is about something that's, well, a bit gross. But I just can't help mentioning it because it is, nevertheless, a paradox. I will not be doing justice to my love for paradoxes if I don't record this on my blog. And moreover, it is about saving the environment....

This may be a nasty and disgusting thing for people who don't know India or, in other words, for people who are not used to such things. It is a common sight, here, to see men attend to nature's call in public (disgusting...even if it happens to be an isolated corner or away from the pavements and traffic). Sick. Unpardonable and gross. Shoot them down is my unilateral suggestion. (My temper is rising. Need to come back to the paradox thing lest I forget what I am writing this post for). There have been many attempts to build public rest rooms to prevent such a criminal treatment of the environment and not to forget the embarrassment to the other people on the road. But most of these places charge a small sum of money for usage, especially in bus stands, parks, tourist spots etc. (Of course, in some places, there is no charge.) So, where is the paradox now? Would you have thought of this? I recently came across an article which says, in TN, there apparently is a place where they have decided to pay money (the same small amount) to the people who use the rest room rather than dirty public places!!! I think the guys who thought of this idea need to be garlanded and celebrated for life. Brilliant. You want the environment to be clean and healthy, then don't ask them to pay in order to keep it that way.....instead, you pay them for listening to you! :-)

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