Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Story of Adversity

Like anything in life, it is only when you are faced with adversity that you find out what you are truly made of. - Dr Sattar Bawany

Studying how we respond when we are subjected to adversity can surely be a shocking or blissful (or perhaps even boring) revelation of our true selves and how we have 'brought ourselves up'! :) I guess how we respond during our growing years depends on how much we learn to and draw upon our native wisdom and inspiration and how much we are influenced by our family, friends and advisers. How we respond to adversity as we grow much older depends on how much we have learned from our previous approaches and experiences and, further on, how much time we spend thinking about what's the 'right' and 'happy' way to face adversity....

I guess the response to adversity can be categorized or generalized even while considering that the context keeps changing....we have the shameful "i want to run away" escapism, the cool "don't worry, be happy" attitude, the brave "i shall not let this get to me" way, the casual "this is had to happen" style, the methodical "i'll analyse this thing and crack it even if it takes time" approach, the controlling "what the hell is happening here" style, the creative "i'll handle this my style" stuff, the wise "ok. it's over. nothing. learn. move on. dont let it happen again" method, the humble "i need some help" resignation, the challenging "hah. you're nothing. give me more" attitude, the intrigued "why did this have to happen?" attitude, the confused "eh? oops? what?' incompetence, the blank and ignorant "really? i did not know" character, the admirable "laugh. see the humor in it. it's not so serious actually" style.....whew!! OK. I am tired of generalising. Hey, actually, that's another style of facing adversities....the weak "I am tired. No more." attitude.... ;-)

I guess there are many more generalisations that one could list down. But each of us is probably habituated to and known for one or two dominant styles (that may be difficult to shake off!). What's your style?


Anjali said...

Nims this post reminds me of my dramatics class in school. I tried giving all those expressions in front of the mirror...OH...only to realize what a bad actor I am ;). Pun intended.

Nimmy said...

man...what a brilliant try this out in front of the mirror! you're my GURU!!! pranaam!! :) I have to try this front of my mirror....really. has to be mega fun!! and what pun are we talking a bit dumb today....? actor, kya? sheesh...nimmy, get smarter....!!!

Anjali said...

Ok make it a weekend project and tell me you freaked out :)! Enjoy madi.

My brain is sapped by 3M s (u know 2) So I plan to snooze on this weekend.